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vCenter Standard and Foundation Enforcement on vSphere Essentials and Essentials Plus

This brought to my attention thanks to my colleague, Tessa Davis.

Previously I mentioned on the different editions of vCenter here.  I did mentioned about the limitation of vCenter Standard and Foundation used to manage Essential and Essential is not possible due to End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).  However starting from vCenter 5.0 Update 1, this EULA enforcement is also a programmatic enforcement.  If you refer to vCenter 5.0 Update 1 release notes here, you will see the below:

vCenter now enforces restrictions on which vSphere editions can be managed by vCenter
With this feature, vCenter Standard and Foundation is disallowed from managing vSphere Essentials and Essentials Plus host editions. This is disallowed per the EULA already, but was not programmatically enforced until now. The exception to this rule is the ‘Essentials for ROBO’ edition. This is still allowed per the EULA and as per the programmatic enforcement. Furthermore, it is also enforced that vCenter Esse…

VMware Recertification Policy for VCP

Starting from today, 10th March 2014, the recertification agreement and policy takes into effect as stated here.  What this means from this policy, any VCP certification be it VCP-DV, VCP-DT or VCP-Cloud earned prior to 10th March 2013, would be affected by this policy.

What this means in short, anyone who has a VCP-x earned prior to 10th March 2013, will need to do another VCP-x or a VCAP certification by 10th March 2015 to be recertified (extended to 8th May 2015).

Those who have earned a VCP after 10th March 2013, will have 2 years to recertified any VCP or above to renewed another 2 years from last date of passing.

This process is not a painful process as this encourage professionals to be up to date with their skills and validiate their knowledge.

Taking e.g. of myself, who did VCP-DV back in Oct 2012, by this year it would be almost 2 years.  If a professional like myself who earned the VCP but hardly apply this knowledge, it is as good as gone.  Doing another VCP will not jus…

An Exclusive Event by SolidFire with a Token

There are many benefits for just been a VMware vExpert.  As previously posted on some of the benefits for vExpert 2013, here is another one provided by SolidFire.  SolidFire will be conducting a exclusive event for the vExpert community on a technical discussion and a demo of their product.

A little summary of SolidFire, they are a not a new player since started in 2009 which specialize in Scale-Out all flash array storage.  With support from big databases to VDI workloads as well as Cloud virtualization including VMware and Openstack.

While the vExpert 2014 is still in the midst of finalising, those who are vExpert 2013 will be able to register for this event using their registered email ID.  On top of that as a token of appreciation, all vExperts that register and attend the session will receive a free Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player.

So what are you waiting for, login using your ID here and register for the event here.

Detail of the event:

Title: Hypervisor & Storage QoS…

VSAN Officially Announced!

Yes the official announcement for VSAN has been made.  I was not able to catch as it was 2am Singapore time.  However you can watch the launch recorded video here.  

You can read about the release notes here. Do note of a known error which some might encounter when enable VSAN without any disk group and after removal the error message remain persistent.  I admit many like myself so not read release notes.
Error Message:
"vsan datastore datastore1 in cluster **** in datacenter **** does not have capacity"

Cormac Hogan has also did a summary of the launched which is pretty lots of supported feature beyond what was release in beta.  E.g. from 8 nodes to 32 nodes and from 120,000 IOPS to 2 Million IOPS.  Vicardo has done upa nice table here on comparison.  David Hill has a very long table of limit for Public Beta here which I made some correction in my table below:

Description Public Beta GA Minimum nodes 3 3 Minimum SSD 1 1 Minimum MD 1 1 Maximum number of disk stripes 12 12 Maximum num…

vSphere Web Client Setup Quick Overview

Constantly even myself, we found difficult to setup the vSphere web client.  Often I always forgot what to do again and again from vSphere 5.0, 5.1 and now 5.5.  I decide to just document this down so that the web client can work as a breeze.

The first thing after setting up your vCenter 5.5, you would need to:
Log into the web client using the SSO administrator:Change the password for the SSO administrator account (administrator@vsphere.local)Change the password expiry to from the default 90 days to your requirement (Note: '0' will not work although the message state so when you click on the textbox, instead do a 9999 if you require no expiry. Refer to KB)Add your domain into the Identity Sources under Administration>Single-Sign-On>Configuration Set it to Default Domain by clicking on the Global Icon Add your accounts or groups to be SSO administrator going to Administrators under Groups in Administration>Single-Sign-On>Users and Groups  Add permission for user or g…