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vSphere 5.5 Installation with MS SQL Overview

It has been sometime that I last did any installation and decide to rebuild my home lab.  I will skip the installation or upgrade of ESX server as this is pretty straight forward either using VMware vCenter Update Manager or via booting up from CD.

I will document the vCenter components as well as the databases requirements.  The SQL query are all tested during my installation.  I have record a simple video to show that the SQL query are error free and allows vCenter to install without any errors.

I might miss out some stuff here since I am not a DB guy or a SQL expert so to speak.
vCenter64bit DSN after user and rights assignedCheck out support Database from hereAdobe Flash required for machine access web client Similarly to what I have documented year before on vCenter 5.1 here, the SQL scripts did not change other than the requirements of SSO database is no longer required.

Extracted from vCenter installation guide which can be found in the documetation site.

The script is located in …

Java 1.7 Update 51 Error Alert

I am writing this for anyone who is facing a Java issue after updating to 1.7 Update 51.  With this release, there is a security check on all Java site and if it does not contain any certificate or self signed, it will not load the page or load with error.  Refer to the release notes.

This affect Mac as well as Windows.  The resolution is to go to the Java Console
For Windows user, go to Control Panel>Java
For Mac user, go to System Preferences>Java

Enter the website that you are access to or loading Java, under the Security Tab.  Remember to add in https:// for the site your are accessing to.

This affects not just VMware solutions but also Citrix as well as VPN client that uses Java.

Hope this resolve your error.

vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) FAQs

Happy New Year to everyone who have been following my blog.  It been a great year last year and the start of the year have already got me real busy.

To start the year going, I decide to have my first post regarding vC Ops in vSOM which have been rising lots of questions.

As more customers are looking at better managing their environment, the standalone vSphere license become less attractive as the only monitoring that is possible is from vCenter performance charts.  Using this could be an easy way out for a small 2-3 hosts environment however if you have more  hosts or over 100 of VMs, that would be a tedious task to be accomplish everyday.  Especially when an issue rise.

As you know VMware has release a new package for vSphere which is known as vSphere with Operation Management.  This package added in vC Ops Standard edition as part of the processor license and allow customers to monitor unlimited number of VMs running on such licensing type in the cluster.  You can read more about …