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Thinapp: Microsoft Office 2010

References Quick-start guide for deploying Office 2010 using ThinApp 4.6.1Issues with ThinApp and Microsoft Office 2010Office 2010 Tips 2010I wanted to do Thinapp on Microsoft Office 2010 and realize the above information and details are pretty useful.  However its not in order and its difficult to piece up.  So here I have order them up for easy reference.  I will not go into details what each steps is all about as its already mentioned in the above references.
Requirements One clean Windows XP SP3 (Thinapp does not support capture in a 64bits OS)Thinapp 4.6.1 and aboveMicrosoft 2010 32bits setup files (MAK/KMS/Retail license)dotNet Framework 3.5 (full download here)
Procedures Run Thinapp prescan capture of the OSInstall dotNet Framework 3.5In Command Prompt, run "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen.exe executequeueditems"Edit Office 2010 installation Config.xml file to enter your MAK key:
By default, the Config.xml file is stored in the core product folders in …